How to Download PokerStars

How to Download PokerStars

Hundreds of thousands of people across the world choose to play cards at PokerStars since the reasons for picking a PokerStars download over all others are numerous. The site's popularity has allowed it to accomplish an impressive feat: while on its own, independent network, it offers the highest player base of all the poker rooms on the Internet. The fact that there is an average of at least 170,000 players pretty much 24/7 gives the option for you to be picky regarding the tables you play, even if you play non-Hold'em games like Draw or Razz. If you also consider superb support teams, high quality software, and a generous PokerStars bonus, it is very clear why so many seem reluctant to find another place to play.

Putting the program on your computer and making your account only requires a bit of time. To get your PokerStars download, just follow the steps on screen and allow a few minutes for the program to install. Once the program is finished installing and you have the lobby in front of you, open the "Account" menu and pick "Create Account". Fill in the registration form, being careful to type in your name and email address correctly.

Once you have created an account, PokerStars will email you a validation code. Go back to the "Account" menu in the lobby and enter this code to validate your account. Now that your account is validated, you can use a PokerStars bonus code and make a real money deposit into your account. Using a PokerStars bonus code nets you a 100% deposit bonus up to $600, something you definitely won't want to miss out on.

As you start playing for real money, you will notice a bunch of ways to personalize your playing experience. If English isn't your preference, click the "Language" menu to choose a different language. You can change the way the lobby and tables look by visiting the "View" menu and selecting between different themes. You can even personalize yourself by using the "Account" menu to select and change your personal avatar to almost any image you want.

There are a lot of options that affect your playing experience directly, as well. Click the "Options" tab in the lobby in order to change your sounds, turn off animations, display your VIP status, hide from search, and much more. You will be pleased if you play multiple tables for you'll see lots of advanced multi-table options, and the tables are easily resizable. You can take notes on your opponents by double clicking their avatar at the tables, and you can color code your notes to your liking. Hand histories are available right at the table for your convenience, and you can choose to also store hand histories on your hard drive.

Security is always a question when it comes to trusting a site with your money, and you can sleep easily knowing that the PokerStars download has you covered in this regard. The program itself employs industry standard SSLv3 protocol and 1024 bit length CA certificate keys. To protect you against collusion, the site employs high tech methods for noticing suspicious play patterns, and steps are always taken to freeze accounts and conduct investigations where necessary. And to ease your concerns regarding fixed games, the site has had their random number generator analyzed by Cigital, a well-known business that helps other companies build and maintain secure software.

Some might say that the success the PokerStars download has enjoyed is a product of luck, but most would agree that they do almost everything right. They usually have more than two times the player base of their closest competitor, and it is likely to stay this way barring any major changes to online poker. With their huge player base, top notch software, and helpful support teams, they should remain the poker network of choice for players everywhere for a very long time.