Joeyspanne88 Wins Wednesday Eighty Grand

Edward Atkinson

Three weeks in a row, the playing field has grown in the Wednesday Hundred Grand. Yet again, this popular PokerStars tournament remains the place to be on Wednesday nights. With 388 contenders, and a tournament lasting a reasonable 8 hours, the Wednesday Hundred Grand brought in a healthy $116,400 prize pool. With only 45 places paying out, this particular playing field played tight-aggressive, each player working hard to earn a piece of the pie.

Every tournament has one, but nobody wants to be it: the bubble boy. It happened just shy of the beginning of the eighth hour, when Gnat777 was swatted in tenth place. The grinder went home with $1,746, so he can’t be too upset about it. This set up the final table.

The remaining nine battled it out. Byfon took the first fall, in ninth for $2,037. From there, it was all down hill, as joeyspanne88 refused a deal and took it to the finish line:

  1. joeyspanne88 – $22,523.40
  2. AneverfoldA – $16,878.00
  3. dhilton12 – $12,804.00
  4. caaaaamel – $9,603.00
  5. 99NvrLosez – $6,634.80
  6. ozenc – $5,121.60
  7. a.S.e High – $3,957.60
  8. spfctri15 – $2,793.60
  9. byfon – $2,037.00
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