Marciocid Wins Wednesday Eighty Grand

Edward Atkinson

The Wednesday Eighty Grand saw a little drop off in players this past week. Players might still be recovering from the WCOOP just finishing up or, more likely, they’re gearing up for this coming weekend. In just a few days, PokerStars will be hosting the PokerStars Double Vision promotion. On Sunday, the online poker giant will host two Sunday Warm-Ups and two Sunday Million tournaments. And the best part? Each tournament will have a full guarantee, meaning two $500k tournaments and two $1 million tournaments! Already the biggest weekly tournaments online, PokerStars in one day is going to double the entire prize pool. So while most players still got their weekly Wednesday Eighty Grand Fix, a number ducked out. Keep your sights set on the Double Vision promotion, as all accounts expect a massive success.

Yesterday’s Wednesday Eighty Grand brought in a prize pool of $108,300, still light years beyond the $80k guarantee. 361 players hit the virtual tables, jostling one another to get a slice of the pie. With only 45 places paid, competition was fierce as the tournament whittled away players one by one for seven hours.

In the seventh hour, player Xovanchik missed the final table by one place. Xovanchik went home in tenth place for a prize of $1,624.50. With the bubble boy determined, the final nine played out their stacks, each one slowly donating to marciocid. Marciocid single handedly dominated the final table, as one by one, each player hit the rail. Ultimately, marciocid found all the chips in front of him, along with first place. The final table results:

  1. marciocid – $20,956.05
  2. oneofakind1 – $15,703.50
  3. V.I. Lenin – $11,913.00
  4. LFmagic – $8,934.75
  5. Pokergenius2 – $6,173.10
  6. 2_7FTWdonk – $4,765.20
  7. chaosfish45 – $3,682.20
  8. Donnie3000 – $2,599.20
  9. d.quang – $1,895.25
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