Ydere Wins Wednesday Hundred Grand

Edward Atkinson

There’s nothing like good old fashioned money to motivate people! Last week, PokerStars re-branded the Wednesday Eighty Grand as the Wednesday Hundred Grand. This wasn’t a seismic shift, but wow did it have an effect! The playing field grew by almost 20%, and prize pool swelled accordingly. However, with more than 50 more competitors than the week before, the tournament went a full hour shorter! This might have been the fastest action ever in a major midweek PokerStars tournament, with players doubling up faster than you could count their chips. The first place prize boasted a value of $26k, and it was a long, hard road for a new face on the scene, hailing from the Netherlands, to claim the crown.

On the way to first place, however, many players had to fall by the wayside. Among those players stood out the pros fielded by Team PokerStars. This included Pat Pezzin, hailing from Canada. Pezzin repeated his usual showing of a strong game, and a mid-way exit. The pro busted in 143rd, well outside the money. He was preceded by Czech player M. Staszko, who hit the rail in 201st.

It was amateur CarlosGarri who busted as bubble boy in tenth place, for $1,809.60. This arranged the final table, setting up a very clear finish by ydere in first place, creating these final results:

  1. ydere – $26,712.48
  2. byfon-$19,836.00
  3. 1LATESHOW1-$14,616.00
  4. ausdusclaus-$11,136.00
  5. rh300487-$7,795.20
  6. caiodream-$5,916.00
  7. pinduca iret-$4,524.00
  8. pixie183-$3,132.00
  9. LeBronn2333-$2,310.72
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NegPL Wins Wednesday Hundred Grand

Edward Atkinson

Ladies and Gentleman, the Wednesday Eighty Grand is no more. After a long, long wait, PokerStars has re-introduced its major midweek tournament as the Wednesday Hundred Grand. With all the fanfare that an extra $20k in the pot brings, 398 players enjoyed the bump in guaranteed money, creating a prize pool of $119,400. Only 45 paid places awaited the most skilled, and lucky, players at the tournament. Although primarily fielded by amateurs, a number from Team PokerStars tried their luck on the virtual felt.

Greek PokerStars player Stavros ‘IDOLLS’ Kalfas won last week’s Wednesday Eighty Grand handily, bringing himself, and the PokerStars brand, both fame and fortune. This week? IDOLLS ran out of chips just halfway through the tournament, busting out for nothing in 284th. Only seconds later, he was accompanied on the rail by Pat Pezzin, the Canadian pro seen every Wednesday without a major cash.

With the major names out of the way, it was yurasov1990 who caught the attention of the remaining players when he busted out in 10th place, for $1,791, and arranged the final nine. It was NegPL by a mile. Though the final table dragged on and on, NegPL refused a deal twice, and before long, was the owner of all the chips:

  1. NegPL – $23,103.90
  2. moffo47 – $17,313.00
  3. serega23 – $13,134.00
  4. faithless – $9,850.50
  5. munchenHB – $6,805.80
  6. jandrin2 – $5,253.60
  7. Nogimicks – $4,059.60
  8. leguito – $2,865.60
  9. big pr0blems – $2,089.50
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IDOLLS Wins Wednesday Eighty Grand

Edward Atkinson

Last night, PokerStars hosted its most popular mid-week tournament, the Wednesday Eighty Grand, to the tune of the most players and money it has seen since December 2011. 455 players rounded out the significant playing field, generating a healthy $136,500 in the prize pool. The tournament attracted its normal slew of regulars, including players like AAninjaAA, JoeGall, and g.karolis.

The Canadian Team PokerStars representative, Pat Pezzin, put forth a respectable effort. Although he regularly misses the money, Pezzin came 50 places closer than the previous week, highlighting a long run which ended in his exit in 93rd. The story of the night, however, came from Ana Marquez. The recently anointed Team PokerStars pro busted heads all night long. She reached the final table, and there made her final stand in 6th place for no small award of $5,801.25.

It was lynskey99 who set up the final table, busting in 10th for $1,774.50. While Marquez made her march to a 6th place finish, it was IDOLLS who would eventually win the grand prize, creating this final result:

  1. IDOLLS – $26,194.35
  2. AAcademiKK – $19,451.25
  3. Cotchery89 – $14,332.50
  4. croat82 – $10,920.00
  5. alexandrapau – $7,644.00
  6. ana marquez – $5,801.25
  7. NICA-TUCUMAN – $4,436.25
  8. jonwayne69 – $3,071.25
  9. bella_coppia – $2,265.90
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Calvin7v Wins Wednesday Eighty Grand

Edward Atkinson

The Wednesday Eighty Grand is a bargain, wagered hundreds of players, when its prize pool balloons every week to 160% of its original size! 434 avid poker players came out last night to compete for a massive $130,200 prize pool. Even though the tournament hosted 20 more players than the previous week, the tournament was 50 minutes shorter. With only 54 places paid, the players fired their ammunition, also known as chips, with an average of one new casualty every one minute and twenty seconds.

Team PokerStars pro and Canadian native Pat Pezzin made his regular appearance. However, with the furious elimination rate, not even a seasoned pro like this could make the money. Grinding his way through the pack Pezzin made a stand three quarters of the way through the tournament, but was felled in 148th, a distant 100 places from the money.

VonGeltman made the next notable elimination when the amateur earned $1,692.60, instead of a seat at the final table, when he busted in 10th. This arranged the final table and, after moving all the players to their new location, the cards hit the table for the remaining nine players. It was calvin7v, by a long shot, who took down the tournament handily, creating this final result:

  1. calvin7v – $24,985.38
  2. FreezeOutLV – $18,553.50
  3. Rekrapmas – $13,671.00
  4. CarlosGarri – $10,416.00
  5. velasco14. – $7,291.20
  6. mercedesgu68 – $5,533.50
  7. marcotorino – $4,231.50
  8. all in 2526 – $2,929.50
  9. c00lman07 – $1,692.60
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Orbcrazyk Wins Wednesday Eighty Grand

Edward Atkinson

PokerStars’ headlining mid-week tournament rolled out another resounding success, attracting a field of 418 players. Though the same size as last week’s tournament, this competition lasted almost one hour longer. Players exhibited not just survival skills, but textbook tight-aggressive play designed to prolong a tournament life. Together, the players generated a prize pool of $125,400. For more than 9 hours, the sharks fought over the 54 paid places, in an attempt to take down first place and its purse of $24k.

Poor Pat Pezzin. The Canadian pro is seen every week at the Wednesday Eighty Grand, headlining Team PokerStars, but he unfortunately is better known at this point for missing the money. In 143rd, the veteran hit the rail without any added cash to his bank roll. Team PokerStars also fielded mement_mori (148) and M. Staszko (285), who both fell just as short. This cleared the way for the amateurs and the unknown pros to take down the cash prizes.

Kry19kry made a big mistake, when his shove in tenth place got him caught, and earned him the title of Bubble Boy. This arranged the final table. Players requested that orbcrazyk make a deal, as he mechanically mowed down his opponents, but orbcrazyk refused. This turned out well, as he ended up with all the chips next to his name and first place. The final results:

  1. orbcrazyk – $24,064.26
  2. TM10 – $17,869.50
  3. zinkAA – $13,167.00
  4. robinsex – $10,032.00
  5. whereisdonny – $7,022.40
  6. Slart42 – $5,329.50
  7. Gandalf MR – $4,075.50
  8. Bananazoo – $2,821.50
  9. Bakkey – $2,081.64
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OhRaisyDaisy Wins Wednesday Eighty Grand

Edward Atkinson

Last night, PokerStars hosted its major weekly tournament, the Wednesday Eighty Grand. The event attracted 411 competitors, who together generated a prize pool of $123,300. Though this was 30 fewer players than last week, the tournament actually lasted longer. Whereas last week resembled an Old West shootout, with players falling faster than you could catch their chips, this week’s Wednesday Eighty Grand put some fine, disciplined poker on display. For eight and a half hours, the players handled their ammunition (also know as chips) with care, competing for one of 54 paid places.

The competition brought out Pat Pezzin, one of several Canadian professional poker celebrities who represent Team PokerStars. His appearance has become expected in the midweek tournaments at PokerStars, but unfortunately for him, for the wrong reasons. Yet again, Pezzin took a fairly early dive, and was knocked out in 232 without any extra dough to his name.

Player CáKons made his name known when, in tenth, he busted out for $1,602.90. This set the arrangement for the final table. However, with OhRaisyDaisy sitting on a pretty stack of chips, the ultimate outcome was not long off. OhRaisyDaisy handily dispatched player after player, and soon found himself with all the chips…and a handsome $23,661.27 added to his wallet. The final results:

  1. OhRaisyDaisy – $23,661.27
  2. skibom – $17,570.25
  3. litafi – $12,946.50
  4. Olya2Ace – $9,864.00
  5. Slick50 – $6,904.80
  6. veli96 – $5,240.25
  7. multious – $4,007.25
  8. Bruno GT – $2,774.25
  9. OBVAMENTS – $2,046.78
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Vinifenomeno Wins Wednesday Eighty Grand

Edward Atkinson

Last week’s Wednesday Eighty Grand was a bit of a let down. A drop in players means a drop in paid places, which left an extra 9 players out of the money. This week, however, was a whole new story. 441 players bought in to compete, bringing the paid places up to 54. This swelled the prize pool to $132,300. Even though this week attracted almost 50 more players, the tournament only lasted 8 hours, a full hour shorter! The chips flew fast, from player to player, and eliminations were swift.

Team PokerStars fielded a few players, who unfortunately fell short. The Canadian pro Pat Pezzin made his mark known, outlasting the majority of players, until he was ousted in 198th. He was outlasted by spacegravy, who also busted out in 139th. It was Ana Marquez who made a lasting impression. Marquez played the long game, and could smell the final table in 13th place. Unfortunately, the Spanish pro had to settle for $1,455.30, as she hit the rail without advancing past 13th.

Marquez was shortly followed by RobertFripp2, who set up the final table by busting tenth for $1,719.90. The final table played out just as swiftly as the tournament did, with Vinifenomeno taking first place, and the $25k prize, arranging this final result:

  1. Vinifenomeno – $25,388.37
  2. patinho77 – $18,852.75
  3. puicachamp – $13,891.50
  4. bella_coppia – $10,584.00
  5. oskar322 – $7,408.80
  6. insanocut – $5,622.75
  7. wakka11 – $4,299.75
  8. golfeur68@ho – $2,976.75
  9. Afro 666 – $2,196.18
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Lucass85 Wins Wednesday Eighty Grand

Edward Atkinson

PokerStars’ seminal midweek tournament, the Wednesday Eighty Grand, has experienced flux just like every other tournament since Black Friday. Though last night a small drop off in players was seen, it still attracted the type of numbers that created a prize pool more than $40k beyond the guarantee. A total of 401 players competed, attempting to grab their share of the $120,300 in the pot. 45 places paid out, but not so many were lucky enough to get there.

Among the notable who busted out before their cash was KaptianKush, last week’s Bubble Boy. Despite another good showing, KaptianKush was felted in 132nd, well short of 45th place and the money. Two former champions made their way into the competing ranks last night: Sir_winalot9 and hustlaaaaaa. Both one-time successes have appeared regularly at the Wednesday Eighty Grand through the entirety of 2011, but at this point, their wins have been eroded by a long string of losses. Sir_winalot9 busted in 226th and hustlaaaaaa busted in 191st, marking for both of them the continuation of the dry spell. Team PokerStars fielded M. Staszko, who notched a few eliminations in his belt, but despite his strong showing, found himself without any chips in 60th.

JuanchoR busted in tenth, for $1804.50, setting up the final table, and these results:

  1. Lucass85 – $23,278.05
  2. sean997705 – $17,443.50
  3. Darkhors5150 – $13,233.00
  4. LJCool1998 – $9,924.75
  5. Kovalski1 – $6,857.10
  6. plasticard – $5,293.20
  7. TiSminghio – $4,090.20
  8. Lucas Anaya – $2,887.20
  9. jasssou – $2,105.25
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R4IZE Wins Wednesday Eighty Grand

Edward Atkinson

PokerStars is bringing in the New Year’s in style, with yet another successful Wednesday tournament. If the Wednesday Eighty Grand is any indication, 2012 is going to be a great year for the industry giant. With players recovering from their celebrations, the tournament still brought in a healthy 426 players, registering only the smallest drop from last week. With 54 paid places, and more than $127k to fight over, the tournament got under way.

Last week’s champion, PokerSavage1, returned to the tables to orchestrate a repeat win. The pro gave a remarkable performance, and halfway through the tournament, anybody would have guessed he was poised to make a serious run at the final table. Unfortunately, PokerSavage1 couldn’t hold his chips in front of him, and busted in 95th, just 40 places from the money. Sir_winalot9, also a former champion, attempted to etch his names in the record books, but was also thwarted. Performing at a much lower level, the Wednesday Eighty Grand regular busted quite a distance from the money in 238th.

Team PokerStars fielded the ever-successful, always-dangerous Pat Pezzin. Pezzin has become a fixture at the Wednesday tournaments, and has earned himself a healthy amount of cashes. Though again performing admirably, the pro just couldn’t close it out, and hit the rails in 93rd.

At the 8th hour, Elik567 busted in tenth place for a consolation prize of $1,661.40. With the bubble boy out of the way, the final table was set, ultimately winding down to this result:

R4IZE – $24,524.82
WillDav11 – $18,211.50
youknowiknow – $13,419.00
giabest – $10,224.00
zinkAA – $7,156.80
JoeHighfield – $5,431.50
aytuas – $4,153.50
acesElaine – $2,875.50
mr-hamz – $2,121.48

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PokerSavage1 Wins Wednesday Eighty Grand

Edward Atkinson

Just one fewer player than last week came out to play, and last night’s Wednesday Eighty Grand pulled in remarkably similar tournament results. $130k in the prize pool, $25k waiting for first place, and a healthy 54 paid places awaiting the more skilled of 435 players. A number of regulars returned, a swath of newcomers made their mark, and PokerStars enjoyed yet another day of Wednesday success.

For his second week running, hustlaaaaaa attempted a return as champion of the Wednesday Eighty Grand. After last week’s bust in 151st, the pro needed a better showing. This is exactly what he gave, but unfortunately fell just 14 places short of the money. In 68th, hustlaaaaaa hit the rail without a payday. With placing like this, however, another return is expected shortly. Team PokerStars fielded angelguillen, who placed in the mediocre numbers, dropping out of the tournament in 100th.

Tonkaaaa awarded himself tenth place, by busting out for $1,696.50. This bubble boy created the final table, and the following result:

  1. PokerSavage1 – $25,042.95
  2. kaese85 – $18,596.25
  3. rdbarbosa – $13,702.50
  4. BWFCLEE – $10,440.00
  5. mati12345 – $7,308.00
  6. KingRakker – $5,546.25
  7. bamboocha88 – $4,241.25
  8. omar miete – $2,166.30
  9. KaptianKush – $1,696.50
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