Tupacmn Wins Wednesday Eighty Grand

Edward Atkinson

For the past few weeks, the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) had staged a complete takeover of the big PokerStars tournaments. However, the WCOOP has just closed up shop after distributing its massive $47 million prize pool to winners all over the world. 62 champions were crowned, adding impressive marks to their resumes. With money like that, hosted at the biggest poker tournament in the world, of course the WCOOP was going to leech players from regular weekly events. However, with its successful end for 2011, the Wednesday Eighty Grand is back in business.

For $300+$20, and the chance at a prize pool more than $30k past its guarantee, poker players stormed the virtual doors of PokerStars to get a chance of the all-out action found in the Wednesday Eighty Grand. 373 players hit the felt, all vying to be among the elite 45 who were to be paid from the $111,900 prize pool.

Seven hours into the tournament, Kingphilly earned his own mark for the resume: the Bubble Boy. Compensated for his loss, kingphilly exited in 10th place for $1,678.50, setting up the final table. The final nine battled it out for an hour, until ultimately tupacmn was crowned champion, creating this final result:

tupacmn – $21,652.65
seymouraces – $16,225.50
THEDUTCH4141 – $12,309.00
ImDaNuts – $9,231.75
jvengrin – $6,378.30
gregior – $4,923.60
nicelife – $3,804.60
csacsi111 – $2,685.60
Ansgar2000 – $1,958.25

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