PokerStars Rakeback

PokerStars Rakeback

Earning rakeback is a great way to build your bankroll and move up in stakes. The majority of online poker rooms offer rakeback on a weekly/monthly basis while others will use VIP systems to handle bonuses and rakeback. The best VIP program online certainly goes to PokerStars who has a large online store, great promotions, and excellent customer service. Their VIP program (PokerStars rakeback is handled through a VIP system) is based on VIP Player Points commonly referred to as VPPs. As players play in real money cash games, tournaments, or SNGs they will begin amassing VPPs which can be used to purchase bonuses, tournament tickets, electronics, and other prizes. By purchasing bonuses players can turn the VIP system into a PokerStars rakeback program.

VPPs are automatically awarded to players based on the amount of rake paid in a cash game pot or the fees paid in SNGs and tournaments. In tournaments or SNGs players will receive 5.5 VPPs for every $1 in fees they pay. For example, a $20+$2 SNG will yield a player 11 VPPs while a $5+.50 will pay out 2.75 VPPs to those involved. Cash games are a bit more difficult to determine as VPPs are distributed based on the number of seats at the table, the number of players at the table, and the amount raked from the pot. From there your VPPs will be converted into Frequent Player Points (FPPs) based on your VIP Level. As your VIP Level improves your FPP conversion rate will as well.

PokerStars has a handful of VIP Levels including BronzeStar, SilverStar, GoldStar, PlatinumStar, Supernova, and Supernova Elite. All new members will begin at the BronzeStar Level and will have to earn their way through the system. Those at higher VIP Levels will be able to receive a better PokerStars rakeback percentage. For example, SilverStar players might expect anywhere from 8% to 26% rakeback while PlatinumStar members should be able to receive 17% to 46% depending on the games and stakes they play. It can be tempting to use your FPPs for bonuses early on in your PokerStars career but it is actually better to wait as the bonuses have a better conversion rate at higher VIP Levels. Instead, new players should make sure to use the PokerStars bonus code to get a 100% up to $600 initial deposit bonus. Clearing the $600 deposit bonus will increase your PokerStars rakeback and help you boost your bankroll in a hurry.

The reason your PokerStars rakeback will be higher if you wait until you reach the PlatinumStar level is because you will earn more FPPs per VPP and the bonuses available to you will be bigger. Players at the GoldStar level can purchase up to a $300 VIP bonus (for 25,000 FPPs), PlatinumStar members can buy a $650 PokerStars bonus (50,000 FPPs) and Supernova members can earn bonuses in excess of $3,000 for just 50,000 FPPs. Once at the Supernova level you will earn 25% of more rakeback. If players work the system correctly they could earn even more as the Supernova Elite Level pays up to $150,000 in bonuses through out the year. These members will earn more than 50% rakeback as well as many other prizes and perks.

Unfortunately the PokerStars rakeback program requires players to clear the VIP bonuses after purchasing them. Members will have to generate a certain number of VPPs to release the bonus into their account. This lone factor makes a few other sites quite appealing as they pay rakeback instantly. However, players should factor in the softness and variety of games at PokerStars as well as a customer service group which is second to none. As long as players are willing to be patient and wait until they reach at least the GoldStar Level they should be able to match the rakeback percentages available at other major poker sites. Remember the PokerStars bonus code which will aid your bankroll as you move up in VIP levels.

Players can find all pertinent information by clicking on the cashier section in the PokerStars Lobby. Once there you can view your VIP Status, take a look at the VIP Store, and check up on any pending bonuses. If you have any questions about your VIP status feel free to contact PokerStars support. It's all started with a PokerStars download! Signup now and start earning your bonus and PokerStars rakeback!