Rush Poker Tournaments

Rush Poker Tournaments

When offered Rush Poker, "the world's fastest poker game," fans hoped it wouldn't be long until they adapted this exciting new game type into a tournament format. Now they have.

Introducing... Rush Poker Tournaments, "the world's fastest poker tournament." Rush Poker MTTs have all the features of Rush Poker cash games, but with with the structure of an MTT. This article will explain how these events work and what you need to know to win. Rush poker was incredibly popular mainly due to its speed which makes Poker Bonus Clearing much easier.

In Rush Poker MTTs, the action is much quicker than standard MTTs because instead of playing on one table at a time, entrants are lumped into a player pool and moved to a new table each hand. There is also a "Quick Fold" button that will immediately abandon your cards so you don't have to wait for other players to act. Playing in a Rush Poker MTT means you will play up to 250 hands per hour, making it the fastest poker game in the world. With enough people in the tournament, this also means that getting reads on your opponents is nearly impossible.

But the name "Rush Poker MTTs" doesn't only refer the speed of your hands. The whole event is much faster than a standard game because the blinds increase extremely fast - every three minutes! A large event can end in under four hours, so winning a Rush Poker MTT requires that you build your stack quickly. Patience and discipline are essential for regular events, but Rush Poker MTTs require speed and endurance.

However, don't be too quick to fold a hand just to get a new hand. In Rush Poker Tournaments, as in Rush Poker, the big blind is assigned to the player that has gone the longest without posting. So be careful, because if you play recklessly you'll pay more blinds. The formula for blinds is determined by both hands and clock time, so if you stall on purpose or make decisions too slow, you will have to pay extra blinds too.

When only 30 entrants remain in Rush Poker Tournaments, the tables become short-handed to keep the Rush Poker format running smoothly. By this stage in the tournament, the player pool is small enough that collecting reads on your opponents becomes possible. When a final table is reached, the Rush Poker Tournament becomes no different than a standard game, and plays one hand at a time until the event is over.

Rush Poker is an exciting game type because of its extremely active play, awesome speed, and innovative format. Rush Poker Tournaments are likely to be just as popular for the same reasons. With their big prize pools, fast blinds, and short events, Rush Poker MTTs might be the most exciting and intense tournaments to play online. If not that, then they're certainly the fastest.

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