When to Go on Tilt

When to Go on Tilt

Point 44: How to Properly Go on Tilt?

I hate losing to my very core. If I dont win on a particular night, I wake up mad. Yeah I say all the right things like keep your chin up, look at the big picture, its only one night, etc., but there is only one thing antedote to my pain. Winning. I spend the whole day reviewing flashbacks of losing hands, reflecting on what I could have done differently, how I could have avoided the big losses that crippled me. Wondering why my read was that wrong.

Then I look at results for the month, mildly encouraged but knowing I could have done so much better. Then mind starts to focus channel that discomfort, that anxiety. I think tonight I am really going to play well, they are going to have to beat my A game tonight, all you suckers who sit down with me tonight are going to have a tiger by the tail.

Then I get busy and take care of everthing that makes for good poker, get in a work out, clean up the playing space, maybe take a nap, take care of business details, play with the kids for a while. I make sure that when I play I can focus and concentrate because i have not procrastinated on lifes other little details that will distract me while I play.

Let's get real here. When you play you are always fighting your emotions a little bit. If you dont feel something you are either dead or have too much money. When you are done playing, that is when you hash it all out. You have to clear the RAM to make optimize your performance.